Low Frequency Seismic Technologies Consortium


Advancing Research and Technology for Low Frequency Seismic Exploration

The Low Frequency Seismic Technologies Consortium, organized by the University of Houston under the Department of Physics, is led by Dr. Mark A. Meier, Director.

Mission Statement

The consortium pursues research and development of new technologies to enable low frequency seismic exploration two or more octaves beyond existing industry capabilities. Members are licensed to consortium intellectual property for the use, development and sale of commercial products and services.

The consortium develops and evaluates acquisition technologies, designs and implements experimental programs, collects and evaluates experimental data, determines acquisition effort specifications, and develops algorithms for best use of new low frequency data for cost-effective and improved E&P performance and value. Technical specifications and commercial viability are documented for members.

The consortium facilitates communication and collaboration between manufacturers, service providers, and end-users for definition of needs and realistic value and marketing expectations.

UH is a Carnegie Designated Tier One Research University with a fine tradition for novel and transformative research.

The University invites private and public, profit and nonprofit organizations to join the Consortium and support the advancement of research and technology in the field of low frequency seismic exploration.