Low Frequency Seismic Technologies Consortium

For the Advancement of Low Frequency Seismic Technologies

Measuring Two or More Octaves of Low Frequency Seismic Data and Achieving Full Benefits from Broadened Seismic Bandwidth

The Consortium is focused on active seismology techniques. The seismic bandwidth is characterized as the useful frequency range of measured backscatter response of the earth due to a seismic source at or near the earth’s surface. Solutions for both land and marine environments are being developed by the Consortium research program.



New seismic equipment and services enable these enhancements.


Research and develop new technologies for step-change improvements in seismic acquisition of low frequencies and best practices using the new bandwidth in imaging and inversion.

Leveraging other consortia may be possible where common interests exist.

Research consortium will develop recommendations and specifications for industrial use of successful technologies.


Consortium deliverables include research results, access to students, and licensing for commercial use.

Research results and reports are available to members documenting:

Sponsors will have access to:

Start-Up Contributions

The ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company has licensed intellectual property, provided experimental prototype equipment, and released contractors/consultants in the following areas as contribution to a consortium start-up.